Come out and give us a hand in our ever growing convoy of trucks, trailers, utes and cars delivering precious cargo of hay, food hampers, water and household essentials to these drought stricken communities. Many hands make light work and you get to see first hand the true Aussie spirit this great country has to offer.

These trips are not just for blokes either. There are thousands of women on these farms that only speak to there husbands or kids. 1 on 1 time with fellow women to talk about girl stuff could help too! Maybe if there are women here that would like to come in the trucks, cars etc and spend time either the wife’s of farmers, have a chat, maybe even hairdressers or beauty therapists that can come and donate a blow dry, manicure or pedi?
Get on board. You may learn something from these ladies too to help in your own day to day lives. Just a thought.
Any type of contribution will receive a big thanks!