Carly Hopkins

carlyCarly Hopkins

Hawkesbury NSW

I have always had a soft spot for the farming community. They are generally salt of the earth people who would take the shirt off their own back to help others. I saw Wade posting on Facebook about how he was going to start helping the farmers by taking supplies out to them. I then saw how interested people were in contributing but knew that Wade was organizing this whilst also trying to support his family and Sally was trying to work also. I messaged Wade and told him I was happy to help out in any way that I could and that was it… Game on. The snow ball kept rolling and City Slickers Appeal grew extremely quickly. I am a stay-at-home mum of 4 kids as well as running the paperwork side of our own business so I have just been trying to work on City Slickers around that. I love how people can see where their contribution is going or head out to the drops with us to see it first hand. I look forward to working alongside Wade, Sally and team as the City Slickers Appeal continues on helping drought affected communities.