The CITY SLICKERS APPEAL is a 100% Not for Profit Organization to help & give aid to our fellow Australian country men, women & children suffering the devastating affects of drought.

Our farmers are in famine. This beautiful country we are so lucky for & somewhat take for granted, can also be just so bloody harsh.
Just take a look at the videos on our Facebook page.

Words like scarcity, desperate, poverty & death are all too commonly used now by OUR Aussies, OUR Farmers.
These countrymen & women are proud, hardworking people that don’t necessarily like to ask for help… But they need it.

You can lend a hand in many ways & non specifically.
They have NO water. None!
None to drink, bathe or cook in.
Let alone grow their crops or feed their livestock.
Remember this is their livelihood and their income!
Just like you or I, going to our jobs & about our daily rituals, imagine if we were prevented doing so by a higher power.

If you would like to help, there are many ways.
Monetary donations can be transferred direct to the Sciberras bank account.
Visa prepaid credit cards are fabulous to hand out to the families to spend in their local businesses.
All parcels, packages & hampers are encouraged (items of personal care too) & distributed accordingly. Pet & stock food, baby requirements, purchase of hay bales, your time, fuel or a truck or ute to distribute will all be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help please contact us

Or through our Facebook Page

Or donate to
Sciberras Produce and Stockfeeds
BSB 062622
ACC 10487021
Ref City Slickers Appeal
And email reamittance to

Or drop off donations to Coldys Towbars & Bullbars located at 1 Wingate Road, McGraths Hill NSW

Thank you very much