Sally-Jane Morgan

sallySally-Jane Morgan
Hawkesbury NSW
Born on a Dairy, my family still remain Farmers to Cattle & Crop.
Due to the Drought, their farm has not been providing an income.
Hence my Father more recently residing in Sydney to work.
After having a beer with ‘Dad, hearing first hand the disparity and knowing he wanted to give back, Wade had made his decision how to!
He called me one evening, knowing the love I have for the land. And asked if I’d be interested in helping.
A Country girl at heart, with Farming so very close & dear to me, I was on board!
110% committed with my full concern & support intended to help our fellow Australian Country Men & Women of Farming Industries suffering the affects of Drought – in any way I can.
The very next day Wade named our charity. We created the page email etc. and ‘the City Slickers Appeal’ was born.