Wade L’Estrange

familyWade L’Estrange

Hawkesbury NSW

Hi to all,
Just an insight into why I started up City Slickers Appeal. I have 4 children and in February last year my house burnt down due a electrical fault in the roof.  My wife, the 3 of my kids who were home and myself just got out alive in a matter of seconds, we lost everything.
We did not have the whole house insured due to just doing an extension and not adding it on to our insurance. We were left with nothing. So with the support of family, friends and the community all over they helped us in every way. Beds, accomodation, money, kids clothes, our clothes, demolition and so on. But most of all was a smile and a positive outlook for the future.
I would not of got through this unless I had my wife, my kids and my friends, family and community to help me through this. I always said I would give back. So here I am. There are going to be people who second guess City Slickers Appeal but the people that know me, know I wear my heart on my sleeve and would give my shirt of my own back for anyone or what ever they need to get them through it like I was given.
I work a 6 day a week job to support my family so this appeal is something I will be doing on the side with the help of Sally, Carly and many friends. If you would like to donate, donate. If you would like to come and donate your own gifts, do it. I want this. The more people that get involved the more people we can help. This is a 110% non profit appeal.
Not just bales of hay but water, food, clothes, a hug to these people. That’s all they want and that’s what I needed when I was down and out.
So if you want to come on our journey and help, please come.
Keep posted on  the City Slickers Appeal Facebook page.
And if you know someone who is doing it tough, let’s all help.
Just want to help others.
Thanks Wade